Cristian Urrutia was born in Quilpué, Chile. At age 10 he and his family moved to Valparaíso where he graduated from Duoc UC Institute with a bachelor's in computer science. Soon after he moved to Malmö, Sweden, where he combined working with IT and making short films. As a self taught filmmaker Cristian wrote, directed and produced Remember the future (2011) and ON (the) LINE (2011).

Between 2012 and 2015 he worked in other projects, developing his skills in the different areas of filmmaking. In 2016 he began working on his feature film debut and on the post production of the short film The Persistence of MEmory (2017). He began writing and directing himself in films, reasoning that the best way to get interesting parts was to write them himself. His style of movies are often stories about love, death and the metaphysical connection between those two. To create his stories Cristian pulls inspiration from his personal life, ancient philosophy and pop culture, aiming always to let people having more questions than answer by the end of each one of his films.

In 2017 Cristian will be developing his first feature film with the working title of "(Not) a love story". The movie is currently in pre-production phase. More news coming soon...


The Rebirth of the Phoenix

Feature Film - Coming soon

A group of friends discovers a secret society that teaches them a path to achieve enlightenment, but their journey makes them face their deepest fears along with the forces that really control our world.

(Not) a love story

Feature Film - In Preproduction

In an era when everybody is online but no one is connected, two strangers engage into a physical and emotional journey to finally feel something, one last time, or maybe even for the first time. More info

The Persistence of MEmory

Short Film - Completed

Emanuel, a physicist, build up a device to transport his consciousness back in time to change a dramatic event of his past. Agnes, his ex wife, visit him and tries to help him accept his lost and to move on.

Vi är den vi är

Short Film - 2012 - Sweden

Two women from very different worlds meet on the street one day and, without being able to communicate with words, engage into a journey for the pursuit of happiness and friendship.

ON (the) LINE

Short Film - 2011 - Sweden.

A man announces over the internet that he will commit suicide. Several people support his statement. A couple at home and his friends at a club witness the tragic development of this story.

Remember the future

Short film - 2010 - Sweden

A man who believes can remember his future, sits on a restaurant, waiting for his soulmate. One of the waitresses there  starts talking to him and suddenly things goes not as they expected. More info...


BBC Wallander

TV Series - Season 4, Episodes 2 & 3

Role: Floor Runner

Kurt Wallander search for his daughter's father-in-law, who's a highly-decorated Swedish Naval officer who disappears during his daily walk. The clues lead back in time to the Cold War and hired killers from Eastern Europe. View website


Feature Film - 2015 - Sweden

Role: Script Supervisor

Four birdwatchers walk out on the ice in northern Sweden. An ice floe breaks loose and they start drifting. As they slowly freeze to death they start a metaphysical journey into the unknown. Film based on actual events. Flaket on IMDB

The Sacrifice

Music Video - 2017 - Sweden

Role: Director/Cameraman/Editor

Music video for the Chilean/Norwegian band Protokol Korsakov new song "The Sacrifice". Taken from the upcoming album ENTER ZAIKO LATIN. Recorded live in Oslo, Norway in May 2016 at the festival "Over Alle Hauger". Watch video

Scener ur ett agandeskap

Short Film - 2014 - Sweden

Role: Production Assistant

A film produced to Samhällssår - an anthology of films ahead of the Swedish elections in 2014. This film portraits how the middle class have turn ownership into the way we value our reality, based on what is mine and what is yours. Watch film


Short Film - 2014 - Sweden

Role: Scriptwriter - DoP - Editor

#I<3U is a short film made in 24 hours for the 2014 Noomaraton film competition. A girl chats with a stranger and their conversations is more than just friendly. For some social media is more real than reality. Watch film


Music Video - 2013 - Sweden

Role: DoP - Editor

Music video for the first song of the CD "Entwined". The Duo Naranjo-Weurlander is  a cross-border duo in a broad sense. Although their music originates from two different cultures, there are more things that unite than separate them. Watch video

Vi som fick jobb

Documentary film - 2012 - Sweden

Role: Direction - DoP - Editor

Daniel, Emad and Shatila share their experiences about their journey to find a job and what the support from JobbMalmö help them to deal with unemployment and to get not just a job, but also new life. Watch Documentary


Short film - 2012 - Sweden

Role: Actor

A woman learning to dance Samba had an argument with her dance teachers. For them, her performance at their last show was"a little bit too much", and the consequences of this talk are not what they expected. Watch film

Tema Tabú

Radio Talk Show - 2001/2002 - Chile

Role: Producer - Host

Tema Tabú approached those subjects that most people are afraid to talk like religion, parapsychology, conspiracy theories and many more. They interviewed experts in those fields, looking to expand our understanding of reality.


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